Two Tools Used to Stop Beagle Digging

Published: 19th July 2011
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Trying to stop Beagle digging is often a difficult activity but has plenty of advantages for the dog owner if the training is completed effectively. Beagles are some of the most intelligent, most loyal, most loving pets on the planet and make outstanding pets for individuals of all ages. Beagles are regularly trained to be house pets, to become show dogs, or to be working canines in numerous different fields because of their high intelligence and their superior learning capacity for new tasks and tricks. By following a few Beagle training tips, the whole process is generally made fast and simple.
A Leash And Collar Set
There are several different tools that can be used to effectively stop Beagle digging and each of these resources make the training of the dog much easier. The first training tool that will be needed is a dog leash and collar set. This helps to control your dog and helps to communicate to the pet where they should be.
The dog leash should never be used for negative reinforcement during the training to stop Beagle digging because frequently jerking on the leash and yanking the dog about could cause harm to the dog and teach the dog that you plan to injure him. Instead, a leash needs to be used for gentle coaxing and careful maneuvering of the dog into a more desirable position. In addition, it provides your dog with a reminder to concentrate on the training to stop Beagle digging and stop him from wandering off during the training sessions.
Doggy Treats
Some trainers utilize doggy goodies for positive reinforcement in the course of training to stop Beagle digging as it keeps your dog interested in the training and provides the dog with a reward for accomplishing their task. The use of doggy treats will be just as valuable for an owner who is training their dog provided that the treats are used appropriately during the training. The treats that are picked for use during the training to stop Beagle digging should not be offered to the dog at any other time of the day so that your dog understands that the only way he'll be having the treat is through focusing on the training and doing the task.
There are various commercial doggy treats available for sale that may be used to end Beagle digging and the choice of which one to pick is up to the trainer. Many trainers choose not to obtain commercial doggy goodies, choosing instead to reward their pet dogs with small bits of ham, bits of boiled chicken, or little bits of broken bacon. Any item that tastes good to the dog can be used as a doggy treat through the training to put an end to Beagle digging.

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